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 Here to release the undiscovered. We are an independent company who strives to showcase undiscovered artists across London and beyond. Our focus is connecting with the artist and displaying their music so viewers can experience music genres across all styles. With our regular interviews, our audience will get to know artists in more depth, understanding their passion for music - their struggles and successes. 

Hidden Metro: Home to up and coming artists
Our Story

Hidden metro derives from the name Hidden Metronome. A metronome tool is used to create a steady pace to help musicians stay in rhythm and also categorises different genres by designating music according to its beats per minute (bpm). We believe that the metronome is an important feature but often unspoken. Hidden Metro represents the emerging artist within the industry that often stay hidden meanwhile seeking to showcase emerging artists and share their stories. 

Our Aim

We aim to give you, the viewer, something fresh and demonstrate you world of cutting edge artists to discover and make you fall in love with. Our philosophy is community, love, warmth and innovation. We want to create a platform for emerging artists around London as we understand how much of a challenge it can be starting new on the scene. So we are here to give you a kick start, show our audience more about you and join our community of underground artists.

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