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Summer With Francesca Guerra

Emerging talent Francesca Guerra releases her new single ‘Summer’, an ambient track that embodies nostalgia and heartache.

The Italian singer/songwriter initially paved her way into music with her debut ‘100 per 100’, an Italian pop track. She then went on to release ‘Malibu', an exciting dance-pop track. Now in a change of direction, Francesca Guerra is combining the sonic identity of Italian Pop and British Indie, creating a product that she says “goes beyond a single entity”.

Crafted in lockdown ‘Summer’ explores the feelings of being uncertain, reminiscing about the past and thinking about the future. Like many, lockdown shifted our perspective of life and the relationships we maintained with others and Francesca describes this feeling all too well.

This nostalgic track was written when Francesca Guerra, like many, was experiencing loneliness far from her boyfriend and loved ones, Francesca Guerra explains, “One second I had everything I wanted, and the second after I was alone in my room far from everything and everyone. So I wrote this song, asking my ( now ex ) boyfriend to call on me even just for a minute, just to say goodbye.”

A throwback to colder times, ‘Summer’ expresses the antithesis of what should be felt during one of the warmest times of the year, a track we all can certainly relate to.

Interview with Francesca Guerra.

What made you choose 'Summer' as the title for this release?

I know, it’s a very interesting title considering we are now in January! The song is about summer memories that can feel so vivid but so far on a rainy winter day. That is why I wanted to wait for wintertime to publish this track because I wanted people to relate to that nostalgic feeling.

What would you like your listeners to take away from 'Summer’

“Summer” is a story more than just a song. It talks about the process of healing from pain and being reborn with thicker skin. I believe that before being able to overcome a bad experience you need to embrace the fact that you are not okay, accepting your emotions. Only after that will you be ready to move forward.

In March 2021 you released your debut single ‘100 per 100’ how have you changed as an artist since its release?

I changed a lot for sure. “100 per 100” is still part of the same moment of my life when I wrote “Summer” but right now I have a clearer idea of the sound that I’m looking for. “100 per 100” was my very first release and I couldn’t be happier with the result but, again, I feel I have a better understanding of my goals and my artistic image.

How do you relate to ‘Summer' now that you are no longer with your ex?

The working process of the track was really long and it took a lot of time to find the right interpretation to develop the meaning of the song. The track changed along the way and I had the chance to make it grow with me. I feel that the music video will help the listener to truly understand the meaning behind the track. I wrote “Summer" in a very sad moment of my life and right now I look at it with pride to myself that turned a bad moment into something good for me and, I hope, for others.

Any plans for the rest of the year?

Yes! For 2022 I wrote down a lot of goals and tasks to grow as an artist. I have planned to release a new single every three months, increase the writing sessions and my social media presence. So yeah, I have lots of New Year’s resolutions.

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