• Miya Buachie


1. ‘The Storm’ by George O'Hanlon. Listen here

If nostalgia had a sound, it would be George O’Hanlon. British singer and songwriter George O’Hanlon released his debut EP ‘The Storm’, an EP that includes four tracks ‘The Weight’, ‘This Town ', ‘Explanation’ and his lead single ‘The Storm '. A quick look at the visual for ‘The Storm’ and you instantly fall in love with the vintage feel and VCR theme. With a soothing voice that puts a smile on your face, George O’Hanlon is just pure bliss.

2. ‘REASONS’ by Charlie Noiir ft Tribe Alexander. Listen here

Clear your room out because Charlie Noiir and Tribe Alexander deliver a party anthem sure to blow your roof off. This track is full of flavour. Produced by Tribe Alexander, this head-bopping trap beat and the heavy bassline is complemented by Canadian rapper Charlie Noiir, who showcases his pure talent as he gets everything off his chest in this track. If you are looking for a new song to add to your summer playlist, 'REASONS' is the one for you.

3. ‘Praying’ by Tara Lord. Listen here

If you are looking for a new female rapper with sick bars, Tara Lord is for you. Tara Lord releases her sophomore single 'Praying' accompanied by its captivating video. Tara showcases her talent as a songwriter as she confronts her past and manifests for the future. 'Praying' is a highly motivating track that has come at a perfect time.

4. ‘FABERGE’ by STAYOUTLATE. Listen here

Canadian collective STAYOUTLATE release their debut album ‘FABERGE’. This four-piece collective (made up of Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf) has released an eight-track album covering sex, money, drugs and partying. This album includes some well-known tracks such as ‘Lavish' and ‘Wassup’ featuring Casino Costa, now the collective have included six new tracks to blow your mind. With a listen to the first track, ‘Strings’, you are instantly captivated by the raw hip-hop at the core of STAYOUTLATE. An exciting project comprised of pure talent.

5. ‘Suits Me’ by Bethia x Mört Listen here

After releasing their collaborative track 'Faze Me', Bethia and Mört are back for more with their upbeat R&B track 'Suits Me'. With a distinct voice, catchy lyrics and a strong production, Bethia and Mört are two artists that get you moving every time they collaborate. We are excited to hear more from them.