• Martina Stramaccioni


1. ‘Explain’ by Shenie Fogo. Listen here

A gift for storytelling and even praised by Snoh Aalegra, British-Jamaican and Swedish born Shenie Fogo invites us into her hypnotising world of soothing R&B vocals, moody sound design and a stunning low key aesthetic - late night vibes we can’t get enough of.

2. ‘Fingers Crossed’ by Léonie Barbot. Listen here

Emerging as one of the most exciting artists on the R&B scene, French and Canadian based artist Léonie Barbot delivers a touching cinematic experience in ‘Fingers Crossed’, accompanied by sensitive melodies and sensational tones.

3. 'Growing Pains’ by Pritt. Listen here

One of London’s leading R&B voices, Pritt shares an honest and heart rending story of ‘Growing Pains’ from her personal project ‘Transparency’. Unapologetically authentic and a mesmerising collision of Carnatic singing skills meeting the Western world, we can’t help but feel hooked.

4. ‘All Over Again’ by Kehina. Listen here

A knack for dreamy soundscapes and a natural visionary, artist-producer Kehina keeps us captivated with ‘All Over Again’, the perfect summer escape. ‘You know that feeling when you step out of the airport in a hot city by the sea and the heat just hits you... like a wall of heat and the air feels heavy.’

5. 'Forgot About’ by Priya Ragu. Listen here

A song about being afraid of letting go and facing challenges when you are yearning for love, rising Tamil-Swiss star Priya Ragu treats us to a timeless ballad, complemented by an intimate nostalgic music video.