• Miya Buachie


1. 'Sizzle' by Charmaine ft Kali. Listen here

An instantly head-nodding track, Charmaine and Kali explore themes of female power and sexual liberation with their track Sizzle. This track is a compilation of a sexy hook delivered by Charmaine and confidence embodied by Kali, as her bars flow effortlessly. An Irresistibly catchy track. A perfect addition to 'Hood Avant-Garde' Deluxe.

Make it Sizzle!!

2. 'Lock & Key' by Eerf Evil & Srigala ft MANIK MC. Listen here

A track that questions the system and explores the hardship of growing up. With bars from Eerf Evil & MANIK MC, this very poetic track produced by Srigala is almost like spoken word. Accompanied with beautiful yet haunting backing vocals from Gloria Mosu and Sarah Isabelle, Lock & Key represents movement and peace in darkness.

3. 'No Chaser' by Juice Menace. Listen here

One of Cardiff's rising rappers, Juice Menace, unforgivingly spits on her West Coast inspired track Chaser. As part of her highly anticipated 2020 Ep 029,' No Chaser is a demonstration of this versatile rapper's tight flow, attitude and bars, making her a lyrical gangster. We can't wait for the release of her upcoming single ‘F U THE CLUB’.

4. 'Cosa Nostra' by Richie Gathu. listen here

Bristol rapper Richie Gathu releases his self-written and self-produced single ‘Cosa Nostra’. This guitar lead track accompanied by Richie's hooky bars instantly activates salsa movements. The fusion of cultures makes this Kenyan native and Bristol raised artist someone to watch out for.

5.'110%' by Koi. listen here

Los Angeles artist stuns with his latest single 110%. With a classic Cali vibe, Koi’s vocals glide over the heavy 808 track, as he narrates his conversation with a love interest, who ends up being in a relationship. Koi certainly puts in 110% with this smooth track.