• Charlotte Samady


1. ‘Sonic96’ by HÅN -Listen here

London-based artist HÅN returns with this stunning bedroom pop offering. Pairing her emotive vocal performance with an effective yet minimalist pop arrangement, this melancholic track contains just the right dose of 90s nostalgia. And we’re definitely here for the Sonic the Hedgehog reference.

2. ‘moulaga’ by ur Monarch - Listen here

Norweigan pop artist ur Monarch’s second single is silky R&B pop perfection, asking us all what we’d be like if we suddenly came into cash money.

3. ‘Free’ by Raissa - Listen here

Recent Zelig Records signing Raissa returns with another emotive alternative pop offering. Boldly declaring “I don’t want to try for your help, your love or your approval, it’s not useful if it’s not free”, this new track is an exciting follow up to her ‘HEROGIRL’ EP.

4. ‘American Dream’ by Baby Queen ft. MAY-A - Listen here

Is the American Dream all that it seems? Baby Queen (AKA Bella Latham) idolises what a relationship with her crush might feel like. On this idealistic track taken from her upcoming mixtape, Baby Queen manifests her lover’s affection. Gotta love that big noughties coming-of-age rom com chorus!

5. Peachie by tiLLie - Listen here

Combining captivating grunge guitar textures with a soundscape reminiscent of 90s video games, tiLLie impresses with this gritty new offering. With lyrics such as, “You love to hate me, and I make it easy” and “it’s so silly, you really thought your words could kill me”, tiLLie excludes pure confidence start-to-finish on this hooky track.