• Miya Buachie

A Dream With RAEL8

From the instant pumping of the drums you are entranced, this is only amplified by the strong vocals of RAEL8.

This is what we call new music.

RAEL8’s stage name which she says “derives from an Angel’s name which fell out of a deck of cards” is a perfect representation of RAEL8s ethereal voice. 19-year-old RAEL8 began her musical journey in 2020 after discovering the healing power present in her sound, RAEL8 then embarked on a journey to share this alleviating skill with her listeners. This power is present in ‘The White Room’, her latest single.

"The White Room" reflects the imagery RAEL8 saw in her dream, “where she followed her soulmate into a white room.” This edgy pop track evokes darkness with purpose, listening further, you are taken on a journey that instantly pulls you in.

With rock elements throughout, RAEL8s vocals intimately encompass the track, trapping you like the sirens in Greek mythology.

As intended by RAEL8, this track is a piece of art.

We couldn’t help but add this to our Hidden Metro On Repeat Playlist.

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