• Miya Buachie

Tuff Bear Takes Us Back

Bristol based artist, Tuff Bear, releases his debut single “Talk to You” a 70s disco / 90s dance contemporary indie-pop track.

Tuff Bear, also known under the alias ‘Theo Vernon’, began playing music from the age of 5, learning various instruments before joining a choir. Beginning his project back in april 2020, Tuff Bear is preparing for the release of his debut EP Tuff Bear's Picnic set to be released this spring via Acrophase records.

If you are looking for a subtle throwback Tuff Bear is the man for you. This track gets you in the mood for summery days yet to come as we close off the first month of 2022. Certainly a perfect time to release his debut.

Speaking on ‘Talk to You’

“Tuff Bear’s Picnic is a project centered on themes of self-reflection and optimism in the face of anxiety. Written, recorded and produced at home in the heart of a prolonged national lockdown, I felt compelled to draw on the mixed bag of emotional states that we were all subjected to for months upon months, whilst also investigating and romanticising memories of pre-covid normality.”

Creating unity with his 70s/ 90s inspired sound “Talk to you” takes you back to the good days when life seemed normal and anxiety wasn’t so high. This track is the breath of fresh air needed for the opening of 2022, a hope for unity and freedom to come in this new year.

If you are looking for a track to keep you warm and luminous this year, Tuff Bear has a whole selection coming your way.

Look out for “Tuff Bear's Picnic” this Spring. We wouldn’t dream of missing it!

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