• Miya Buachie

Subtle in Nature, Tweed & Hyenas remain Revolutionary

Tweed & Hyenas, a South East London based Faroese-British collaborative musical project led by Klæmint Hofgaard, return with their latest track “I really mean it this time”.

Having been making music since 2016, with two albums released, Tweed & Hyenas have spent the past two years crafting new music, with the latest track “I really mean it this time” giving you a taste of what's to come.

"I really mean it this time” Produced by Sean Woodlock, is a track that ‘takes a look at those that are left outside of societies traditional structures’. Hofgaard explains,

"Despite the general feeling that we might – to flip the Chinese proverb – not be living in interesting times, I see it as having the potential to bring real transformation for futures unsprung... as long as we topple statues and continue to question those that still stand."

Tranquil as it is, “I really mean it this time is a track that brings forward ‘feelings and seeing’. Hard to skip on your journey to peace, Hofgaards soothing vocals bring to life nostalgia like never before whilst embracing its revolutionary nature.

If your week has been tough, Tweed & Hyenas will give you the New Music Friday vibe you deserve, whether you are putting your feet up, lighting a candle or embracing some contemporary movements.

Tweed and Hyenas are the definition of tranquillity and beauty.