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A Tasteful Deluxe By Charmaine

The excitement that you feel when an artist you love releases a deluxe version of their project. Charmaine has given us weeks of goosebumps with the release of 'Hood Avant Garde' & 'Hood Avant-Garde Deluxe'. The release of the Deluxe has shaken Charmaine's listeners as she demonstrates her versatility and her exceptional taste in features. A project worth blasting on your speakers.

This Canadian- Zimbabwean artist has seen herself create milestones this year. To name a couple, Charmaine was a feature on Complex Canada as one of ‘25 Canadian Artists to Watch Out For in 2021’ as well as being the only Canadian artist selected for SoundCloud's accelerated program ‘First on Soundcloud’. Charmaine has paved her way and Hood Avant-Garde Deluxe is a perfect example of the talent she poses.

With 5 songs (‘I DON’T CARE’, ‘WOO!’, ‘BOLD’ ‘DOUBLE DUTCH’ and ‘SMH’) on the original 'Hood Avant Garde' EP, Charmaine enlightened her listeners with more by releasing its deluxe which featured ‘WE DON'T CARE’ (a remix of ‘I DON’T CARE’) with Canadian rapper Haviah Almighty, ‘A MI MANERA’ a Latin track that gets you on your feet featuring Puerto Rican artist ‘Valentino’ and ‘SIZZLE’ a sexy and empowering track featuring emerging talent Kali. Hood Avant-Garde Deluxe is a sexy, head bumping and powerful project that instantly makes you hit rewind.

WIth an exceptional list of features and a talent so raw, Charmaine is an artist to add to your list, she is climbing the ladder and won’t stop any time soon.

Interview with Charmaine

As if Hood Avant Garde wasn’t already enough, you gave us dessert with the Deluxe, featuring Kali, Haviah Mighty and Valentino. Why was it important to get these three artists on the Deluxe?

I’ve been patiently waiting for the right moment to collaborate with artists and now felt like the right time! I really wanted to give listeners something extra on the Deluxe and what better way to do that than with these three talented artists? Kali, Haviah and Valentino all bring their own sauce to the records and it was important that I take things to more of an international level by having artists from different parts and cultures of the world come on and add that flavour to it.

You stated that you “Turned to music as a source of comfort and stability." How has making music impacted you?

Making music has given me an outlet to be 1000% myself without hesitation. It’s where I take all my emotions and energy when I need to express it. I’m able to be free, unfiltered and raw. It’s my therapy...

If you could describe Charmaine in 3 words, what would they be and why?

I would say… confident, charismatic and unapologetic. I’ve worked so hard to feel the way I feel about myself as I do now. I know that I’m worthy of every blessing I receive, and I will never regret anything I do in life because it’s all a part of what shapes you into who you are.

What has your journey been like up to the release of Hood Avant-Garde Deluxe? Any personal milestones you want to share?

It’s been so much fun! So far, the proudest moment I’ve had, funny enough, is that I got my FIRST EVER passport. It’s crazy I know but I’ve never had one, so I felt like such an accomplished adult when I received it! But you can’t go international without a passport so……I had to make sure I got it if I wanted that to pan out ha-ha!

What's next for Charmaine? Anything you would like to say to your listeners?

I do have some exciting things coming up. Some shows and projects I’m working on. I won’t say too much because I believe you can block blessings sharing them before their time. So, all I will say is just stay tapped in and you’ll see it all unfold soon!

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Charmaine - DOUBLE DUTCH