• Miya Buachie

Alt Therapy With Emanuel

If you haven’t listened to ‘Alt Therapy’ then you are missing the serenity that this album has to offer. A month has gone by since the release of Emanuel's highly anticipated album ‘Alt Therapy’ and the tranquillity still echoes. With over 17 million streams of ‘Alt Therapy’ on Spotify alone, Emanuel has enlightened his listeners with a powerful album that is sweet in nature and representative of growth.

This Canadian artist has had an impressive year since the beginning of his journey in 2020. Highlights such as his first JUNO Award nomination, being the first Canadian artist for the Spotify radar programme and more, Emanuel's album could not come at a better time.

Featuring 6 new songs (‘I Need A Doctor', ‘Detention’, ‘Hindsight’, ‘Worldwide', ‘Pillows’ and ‘I Been') and 6 from Emanuel's previous EPs (‘Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion’ and ‘Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation’), Alt Therapy is an album that represents a journey of self-discovery. This 12 track album instantly takes you on a journey of your own, from the first track ‘Need You’ to the final ‘I Been’. This album is pleasantly therapeutic with hints of elation present in tracks such as ‘Worldwide’ and ‘Pillows’.

With a euphonious voice present throughout, ‘Alt Therapy’ is an album that has the power to silence a room.

Interview with Emanual

Both of your EPs are titled ‘Alt Therapy Session...’, with your debut album being ‘Alt Therapy’. What does “Alt Therapy” represent?

“Alt Therapy” represents a journey of self-discovery. When I created the album I knew that in order to live my dreams out I would need to undergo and recover from a lot of things holding me back. Healing is one of the most important components of my journey and my growth and I wanted my album ALT THERAPY to represent that journey.

What was the writing process like for ‘Alt Therapy’?

A lot of conversations that turned into jam sessions that we took from and worked until we felt the songs were ready to present. I really like to freestyle off the floor, to be inspired by the instrumentation and the energy in the room.

What song from ‘Alt Therapy’ would you say best describes ‘Emanuel'?

I think the song that best describes my experience is “Detention”. It describes an existence I felt subject to for a lot of my life. The melancholy subject matter that was crucial to my upbringing and important to note in my story, these themes ripple through the album.

You have accomplished so much since your debut single ‘Need You’, now your listeners are being blessed with ‘Alt Therapy’. What would you like your listeners to take from this album?

I would hope people can relate to the struggles I’ve faced and also reap from the wisdom I’ve tried to retain in my short time on this planet. I really hope people can feel the energy that was felt while creating this music.

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