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'A Party' with Am.i

London based Artist Am.i, has released her latest single 'A Party', revealing a glimpse of life as a millennial. Starting her music journey 2 years ago, Am.i is an artist that discloses her deepest emotions and thoughts through her writing and raw vocals. Not shying away from taboo subjects, the Italian raised artist writes from personal experiences, something her listeners can always relate to. Her Ep, 'Product of Procrastination', is a clear indication of her transparency as an artist.

Mixing sounds from Berlin clubs, ‘A Party’ is a result of a year-long sound search. This record dives into the issues that Millennials face today; it explores the complex reality of living a fast-paced life while trying to preserve your mental health. ‘A Party’ is an honest representation of Am.i's vulnerability, as she “lays bare her insecurities in a touching but also dance-like blend”. The electro-pop artist takes us straight to the club contrasting with heartfelt lyrics that challenge and represent her inner thoughts. Am.i is an artist that is open about mental health and queerness; her sad bops unquestionably open up the gates for more conversation around taboo topics.

Am.i's Interview

“A Party” is a track that takes you inside the minds of Millennials. What message is the song sharing with its listeners?

'A Party' was born from a jam night with one of my closest friends Adriano, an amazing guitarist. I had written the first two lines of the song ("party, another stupid ol' party, all I can do is party") on a piece of paper a couple of days before, as I was trying to get over a hangover at work (lol) and they stuck with me. They are very simple but they represented exactly that moment of my day, like many others, where I regret some choices I'd made the day before.

I struggle with anxiety and as a result I created a loop of procrastinating on things that really matter like career and personal growth and focus instead on futile stuff. The ‘party’ I talk about in the song is a representation of all those things that are taking me further from my life goals and the frustration that comes with becoming aware that I am doing this to myself.

I wanted to create a safe space where people that live the same experience can acknowledge their mistakes.

You created “A Party” after a year long sound search. What influenced your search for a new sound?

I think that growing up brings different views of who you are and what you like so the sound search I guess was a natural process of understanding myself better. I started listening to more genres of music so I incorporated that into the track. I think my life experiences also influenced that, new people in my life both personally and professionally like Vincenzo de Fraia, my current producer.

For those who haven’t met you yet, Who is Am.i?

Am.i is the emotional baby that lives in my head, my pure part where only raw emotions live.

I decided to make it my music project two years ago when I felt the urgent need to put down in words what was going on in my head that I couldn’t control nor understand.

My music can be considered as Electro-pop /Alternative Pop although I would call it just music. I have R&B influences when I sing and I have a very straightforward way of telling my stories, my songwriting is quite raw. I mostly talk about love, personal growth, being queer and mental health.

What do you think you can bring to the Electro-pop scene in the UK?

I think I have a very pure, relatable, sometimes very dramatic (I am Italian after all haha) vision that people really connect when they listen one of my songs. I try to create a community around my music where it is safe to share and support each other in whatever way needed.

Product of Procrastination was a very personal project that spoke about insecurities and mental health. Should we look forward to more music this year?

Yes you definitely should expect more sad bops from me soon. “A Party” is just the first on many, stay tuned.

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