• Miya Buachie

Jack Reel

How the Northampton rapper is establishing himself into the emo rap scene.

Born and raised in Northampton, Jack Reel presents us with his new Album ARCHIE CHX. With musical influences from the likes of Nirvana, Travis Scott and Lil Peep, Jack Reel has constructed a versatile album with tones of lyrical dissonance.

With powerful instrumentals and ardent lyrics, ARCHIE CHX takes you on a journey of emotional epiphany.From topics on Love in his Debut single 'Bandage', drugs in 'Youth', emancipation of internal anger in'Elliptical', personal acceptance in'X'and music in'playground', Jack Reel adds to the growing dynamic of emo Rap letting us know he is here to stay.

An interview with Jack Reel.

Hey Jack, we are honoured to have you on Hidden Metro. Firstly how have you been finding life as a musician during the pandemic?

Just want to say I appreciate you taking the time to interview me.

Being a musician during the pandemic hasn’t been too bad but I’m only starting up right now so it’s only starting to affect me now. Like not being able to perform properly is frustrating but it’s just how it is now.

How do you think growing up in Northampton has influenced your music?

I really don’t know how Northampton has influenced my music. Its a pretty dull town to be honest with you. Dull and grey.

What made you start doing music and what is your creative process like ?

I've been playing guitar for as long as I can remember and always idolised the band members of the music I listened to like Busted and McFly when I was really young. So as I got older it became more of a realistic thing that I wanted to work towards. Nirvana helped me through a bad patch so I want to do the same and maybe help other people if they do find that with my music. If not then just good songs that people will enjoy. The first proper song that I wrote was when I was 15 or so and to be honest with you it’s not that bad.

My creative process tends to be spontaneous. When I was writing rock music i'd come up with ideas by beatboxing drum patterns at school and work and then try and remember them when i got back to my guitar, or I'd just mess around on guitar for a while until something sounds good. More recently I've made a lot of beats and instrumentals so it just kind of falls into place. Just a bit of trial and error.

As you know we love your Debut Album ARCHIE CHX, what is the inspiration behind the album and its name?

The inspiration behind the album is just my experiences, which is why I chose to title the album as my actual name. I wanted it to be an honest slice of who I am.

Your debut single Bandage has won us over, how was Bandage created?

I made Bandage on a very normal day. The beat took a few attempts to get right but there was nothing really special about the process. The lyrics were just things that I had been feeling for a long time, so I wanted to put them down in a song.

What made you choose this specific time to release your album?

I wanted to release the album as an EP in January, but over lockdown I made a few good songs that I added to it and slowly the album just took shape. Once it was done I just wanted to get it out rather than dwell on it in case I started thinking it wasn’t good enough

If there is anything your listeners could take away from your music, what would it be?

I think it's up to the listener, what they want to take from the songs. Personal connection to music definitely improves the song.

What’s next for you and what do you look forward to as an independent artist?

Definitely got projects lined up. Next album is already decided, but first a small EP. I look forward to just being able to take my music to the next stage, whatever that stage is.