• Martina Stramaccioni

BLK on the rise with 'FWM'

‘FWM’ is the new sophomore single of Toronto’s promising trio BLK (Bexk, LilacX, Khatalia-Korahjay), an emerging female led group serving 90s R&B and contemporary pop music. With an infectious, cool and confident attitude, the Canadian musicians speak on relatable themes supporting female empowerment such as unabashed sexuality and fearless individualism meanwhile delivering music in a hypnotising and playful direction. Launching their career alongside 21 Entertainment Group management (Alessia Cara, Nelly Furtado), their debut single ‘Got It’ has already garnered 1 million streams, an impressive remix by legendary Fatman Scoop, as well as support from renowned platforms EARMILK, BBC1 Xtra, Noctis Magazine and more.

Exploring the power of femininity, 'FWM’ is relatable, asserting dominance in an intimate setting - a message that proves to go beyond the bedroom as they manifest a strong spirited persona and positively encourage women of their natural leadership skills. Their addictive melodies and silky vocal blends echo ChloeXHalle, TLC, and Brandi-esque tones paired with uplifting production (Andrew ‘Pop’ Papaleo, Lincoln Blache) as well as stunning visuals spreading BLK Girl Magic.

BLK’s first studio session proved to be pivotal. “We vibed as we got to know each other,” recalls Bexk, who describes an instant organic bond. “The idea of creating a girl-group was amazing because Toronto hasn’t really seen one recently. We cut a track—it was fire—and we decided to keep going.”

Make sure to stay tuned for their Debut EP drop this July 2021. For more, read below:

BLK’s Interview

'FWM' is a confident and sensual song. What would you like your listeners to take away from it?

Bexk - What I’d want our listeners to take away from F.W.M is the confidence and sexiness you mentioned. The confidence to take control of situations and embrace your sexy side.

LilacX - Yes, the song is sexy but if you take a look there’s vulnerability as well. The whole song goes on about someone not interacting with us anymore the way that they previously had; a sexual serenade if you will.

Khatalia-Korahjay - I would like our listeners to honestly just vibe and get into the feels! FWM gets me in my feels. Makes me reminisce, and think about my boo even if he doesn’t exist haha. This is the kind of track you can listen to whenever, because you can be in any mood and feel something from the track.

Could you tell us the meaning behind your group name BLK?

Bexk - We wanted to pay homage to the girl groups before us like TLC, SVW & Destiny Child and felt BLK describes us perfectly! Not only is it an acronym for our stage names but it’s also the abbreviation for the word black. Being 3 black women it just felt right.

Lilacx - We needed something that embodied everything that we are; black women who were/and are individual artists who came together as one. We are Bexk, LilacX and Khatalia Korajay, We BLK!

Khatalia-Korahjay - The meaning behind our group name is actually just our initials. Bexk, Lilac and Khatalia Korahjay. It just so happened that our initials formed the word BLK (black). It’s a beautiful thing because we are 3 black women, who are each different shades and different representations of black women.

BLK is a combination of three very independent women - what was it like when you all first met and how do you think you’ve evolved as a group?

Bexk - When we met for the first time the vibes were perfect! It felt like I found the missing pieces. Together we’ve accomplished so much but that doesn’t stop us from pushing the limits and raising the bar. At the end of the day I know for a fact that we’ll always be in each other corners cheering and rooting for each other.

LilacX - Honestly I was skeptical but that’s just how I am squinting eyes and all. I briefly looked at their social media before I arrived; I came in my bonnet and sweats. Once we met and started creating records that’s when the magic settled in! We’ve evolved the same way an infant does. We learned to “ crawl, stand and walk” together, a lot of firsts! Going through all these things together has really created a special bond, making us stronger for the next stages of our aspirations that we’re striding towards.

Khatalia-Korahjay - We actually got along very naturally. I always say it’s because we’re 3 earth signs why it’s so easy for us to tap into each other but in all, although we’re 3 strong independent women, we’re also very open to learning from each other, and in turn that’s allowed us to grow exponentially as individuals and as a group both professionally and personally.

‘Got It’ was remixed by the legendary Fatman Scoop, what was it like knowing a song you made collectively was going to get huge recognition from a musical legend?

Bexk - Surreal! It took a while for it to sink in and for it to register! To this day we can’t play the track without all of us grinning and breaking into choreo when we play the remix!

LilacX- It was and still is amazing! To have him come on and do his thang? AH *Girly scream*. We really appreciate the love! We’ve got a lil choreo specifically for his remix.

Khatalia-Korahjay - I was absolutely shocked, so grateful and humbled. For someone with such a huge successful career, to remix on a song with an upcoming group was absolutely humbling. Definitely made me feel like we’re doing a great job and we’re on our way.

If you could be a supporting act for any artist who would it be?

Bexk - Drake, 110% ! He’s done so much for our city. Definitely a person we look up to, as an artist and businessman.

LilacX - There are so many great artists but of course Beyonce. Hands down, I would love to be opening for another queen.

Khatalia-Korahjay - I would love for BLK to be a supporting act for Ariana Grande! I adore her and I think we’d mesh very well with her crowd. I’d also love for BLK to be a supporting act for Drake, Doja Cat, Cardi B, Sza, and so many more!

If you could describe each other in one word, what would it be and why?

Bexk - I would describe Lilac as bubbly; she makes every experience we have fun and memorable. I would describe Khatalia Korahjay as a protector, she is definitely that ride or die bestie that everyone needs in their life.

LilacX - Bexk is daring. Boldly stepping forward and creating a new path for herself wherever she sees fit, she’s one badass queen. And Khatalia Korahjay is rooted. Blossomed and well grown into herself. She knows where, who, when, how and what she wants.

Khatalia-Korahjay - In one word, I would describe Bexk as a Lit! She brings a lot of hype energy to everything we do, a huge part in making our experience together so much fun! She’s uplifting, and she also puts a lot of energy and love into who and what she cares about which I love about her! And Lilac I would describe her as Quirky! She has a very unique personality in the most natural way! She is 100% who she is and I love that about her. She’s also hilarious and full of surprises which makes our experience filled with so many laughs!