• Martina Stramaccioni

Butterflies for Tnola

FFS (Butterflies) is the promising new single of 19-year old and Essex based artist Tnola. Accompanied by smooth timeless neo-soul lines and a mesmerising soundscape, Tnola delivers a euphoric feeling of young love. Moreover, through a relatable heartfelt story, she narrates one’s thought process and their vulnerability in expressing romantic feelings for their significant other.

We are instantly drawn into the young singer’s soulful voice, showcasing fluid harmonies and velvet tones, keeping you captivated throughout the psychedelic track. Inspired by RnB and Neo-soul greats such as Frank Ocean and Erykah Badu, the British-Nigerian artist is contributing fresh and exciting sounds to the current scene.

For more about Tnola, read below.

Tnola’s Interview

Can you share with us your creative process when you wrote Butterflies? How has lockdown affected your writing?

I wrote FFS (Butterflies) coming out of the first lockdown. I had been writing throughout lockdown but wanted to try a different approach to songwriting. This song tells a brief story of a girl who likes a guy but is too nervous to do anything about the way she feels. With the pandemic all I had was time, so I wrote many songs and I can't wait to share them all in 2021.

What do you hope to bring to the modern Neo-Soul/RnB scene in the UK?

I hope to display who I am as an artist and how RnB/Pop/Soul music has influenced me growing up. I hope that the influence is evident in my music but not the driving focus. My music is individual to me. That's the best way I can describe it.

If there is anything your listeners could take away from your music, what would it be?

I love to vibe and explore melodies. I want my listeners to get lost in my voice the first time they listen, then appreciate the lyrics the second time. Also I want them to appreciate the harmonies here and there. It's not a song by Tnola if there isn't a good harmony in there.

If you could support any artist for a show, who would you open for?

H.E.R. Not only is she a great songwriter with an amazing voice, she's just so cool and she is her own person. I love her music.

What are your artist plans for the future?

Release. Release. Release. I need people to hear me. And really hear me. As I go on my musical journey, with every release it's another piece to understanding who I am as an artist.