• Miya Buachie

Green Light 4 The Brotherhood

Singer-songwriter and producer 4 The Brotherhood breaks into the modern pop scene with his debut single ‘Green Light’. It is an exciting time for the South London musician to contribute his fresh spin on today’s sound as he portrays complicated aspects of a long distance relationship through his new record.

‘Green Light’ explores the emotions that occur when you are miles away from your significant other, embodying the complexities of uncertainty when distance is the main wedge between a relationship. 4 The Brotherhood executes this through his engaging and hopeful vocals followed by upbeat production which follow the same spirit.

Paired with funk rhythms and an energetic driving groove that dominate the track, we hear interjecting synths that represent the emergence of a green traffic light, as though the lights are changing from amber to green. As we break into the chorus, we are drawn into a harmonious energy between both lovers in the form of call and response. “Give me that green light” is reinforced by bright synth pads to suggest approval to visit his girl.

Passing the vibe check, 4 The Brotherhood draws influence from his Jamaican-Filipino heritage, early disco and 80’s synth-pop. In addition to his West Coast inspired lyrics, he has gained remarkable support from Nadia Rose, Kwame and BBC Introducing South. ‘Green Light’ certainly gets his listeners moving - this feel-good dance bop is not for the faint-hearted.

4 The Brotherhood's interview:

Green Light is about the inability of a young couple to cope in a long-distance relationship, how do you think this relates to many of us today?

I think it’s super relatable in the context of lockdown where everyone's been spending more time inside. It’s definitely not another ‘quarantine’ song, but, I can definitely see the message of the song resonating with people. I think we all strive for some kind of approval deep down so the idea of ‘Green Light’ really comes from wanting the final go-ahead that things can finally move forward.

What has the process of making Green Light been like for you during lockdown?

Funnily enough, the song was made pre-lockdown. So I guess it was easier to tap into those feel-good emotions when life was less weird. While making the track I distinctly remember being in the studio and playing those chords thinking I have never made this style track before which was really interesting. I loved disco and synth-pop and I really looked up to Michael Jackson and Prince particularly. The groove I think is what stood out to me so I was proud to finish the track and definitely will be exploring this sound more in the future.

In the past you have mentioned the significance of your artist name, could you elaborate on what 4 The Brotherhood means?

To me 4 the brotherhood is the epitome of inclusiveness in regards to B.A.M.E individuals. It represents how people that look like me (black, mixed and Asian) shouldn’t feel out of place enjoying music that isn’t typically associated with our ethnicity. I was really passionate about indie pop music but I quickly realised there were hardly any black artists/ black indie bands. For a long time, I figured this meant I was wrong or out of place for listening to bands like Lany, The 1975 and Fickle Friends. It wasn’t until summer last year when I decided I didn’t care about what people thought or what the industry thought so 4 The Brotherhood was born. All the music I make is 4 The Brotherhood…

What do you think you can bring to the pop scene as a half Jamaican and half Filipino artist?

I definitely think there is a market for a new pop style. Coming from such a diverse heritage I think it's inevitable that the music I make is affected by my roots. I think the Philippines is really slept on. Not many people know how many talented artists come from here which is a shame I really want to change that. It’s funny because if I had to explain my sound to someone I would say a blend of rhythm and groove which I get from my Jamaican roots and emotive and vivid songwriting. My goal for any record I make is to be able to picture the story, visualising it really helps me to relate to it and I think it's the same for anyone who listens to my music.

Are there any upcoming projects listeners of 4 The Brotherhood should look forward to?

Yes, ‘Green Light’ the remix is coming on March 17th. It’s a Garage remix from emerging DJ/ Producer Ferrenzo

Also, the summer EP misfits will be released early-mid June so look out for that!