• Miya Buachie

Lockdown silver lining with Habiba

If you’re looking for motivation this lockdown, make sure to tune in with East London artist Habiba who brings a contagious energy in her new track Money Roll. Followed by upbeat production, the go-getter attitude and its independent female spirit reminds us of what it takes to reach your goals and ambitions. Her lush and soulful tones reveal her story which many can resonate with.

Habiba's Interview

Money roll is about getting yourself together and staying on your grind. What made you release Money Roll now?

I think the world is in a state of uncertainty. Everyone is worried, not knowing what's going to happen next buying shares and bitcoin trying to make as much money as fast as possible. This song speaks to the desperation of not having money be an issue in your life. Can you even imagine.

You talk about being “responsible for turning L’s into W’s. What advice would you give to your listeners who are trying to do this?

Appreciate the fall. Each bump and scar should stand as a reminder that you made it through something. The skin hardened and you survived. If you're going through it take it as a lesson to be learned. Use your tears to water your growth and keep pushing through.

Money Roll debuted on the 5th of February this year. What was your creative process like during lockdown?

I think most creatives will agree that creativity is dependent on stimulation. I have been eating, sleeping and living rather sloth-like. Every so often though I'll have a day I'll do my makeup and bang out like 6 different songs, shoot content and take hold of the day. It's been great some days and okay on others, it's not easy at all.

Growing up who were your musical influences and how do you think they shaped you as the artist you are today?

I always say my Uncle was my jukebox. He would tell me from a young age that I was going to be a singer like him and I should learn from the amazing artist he loved. We'd sit and watch Michael Jackson or Aretha on stage, Listen to Lauryn Hill, Anita Baker, Mariah Carey or Whitney Huston so loud it would shake the floor of his flat. I was OBSESSED with Eternal, I played that greatest hits album till the CD scratched. I remember wanting to be the type of artist my Uncle would listen to and scrunch up his face when they hit THAT note or said THAT line. I always keep that in mind when I write or produce.

What are your plans as an artist?

I'm hoping to FINALLY get some visuals out there. I have some pretty cool ideas and would love to bring them to life. I think a cheeky collab would be sick too! There are a few female rappers I'd love to work with!