• Miya Buachie

Lola Young - Bad Tattoo

Lola Young releases her heart-wrenching song 'Bad Tattoo', a track that encapsulates you with pure emotions.

The South London artist began writing music at the age of 11 and by the time she was 13 she had already won a national open mic competition. At the tender age of 19 she released her debut project ‘Intro’, an honest and intimate EP, but also a perfect introduction to the strong vocalist and songwriter. Her single ‘Blind love’, which has now surpassed 1.7 million streams on Spotify alone, tells a retrospective story about love as she delicately demonstrates her vulnerability.

Her 2020 single ‘Pick Me Up' saw the development and certainty of Lola Young as an artist. Her confidence reigned through her youthful yet soulful vocals, leaving her listeners bobbing their heads. It is easy to see why Billboard labelled her “velvet-voiced”, with vocals providing a breath of fresh air glassed with an edge.

Making its debut on BBC Radio 1, ‘Bad Tattoo’ is her latest track, a song that explores the complexities accompanied by the recovery from a toxic relationship. Lola Young delivers this story in a raw and controlled manner and her nobility is observed through her verses as she questions herself. The pre-chorus is a solid reminder of the feelings and disillusion accompanied with love,

before finally telling her listeners in an ambient chorus that relationships can have a hold on you leaving a permanent scar behind. If that wasn’t enough, Lola Young releases a captivating live performance of Bad Tattoo. Her story unfolds further as her powerful vocals dance beautifully with the piano leaving her listeners emotionally charged, in total awe and on the verge of tears. Lola Young is a strong performer who easily fills a room with echoes of conviction.

"‘Bad Tattoo’ is a song I wrote about falling in love and not knowing whether it's going to last. Young love can be real hard sometimes...however, I've recently realized the beauty in the temporary nature of love, the fact that it can come and go. It can leave you feeling the worst you could ever feel yet it can be the most beautiful thing in the world.”

"‘Bad Tattoo’ talks about the permanence of relationships, not necessarily lasting but the lasting effect it has on a person, the understanding and learning you must go through when experiencing life with someone and finally coming to peace with the fact that it can leave you scarred like a real bad ‘fucking tattoo’."