• Martina Stramaccioni

Shadow Love with Andreww: Breaking Boundaries in Alternative Music

Shadow Love is the new captivating single by German born and London based artist Andreww. Following significant success with his debut singles ‘Talking to Myself’ and ‘Medusa’, his intriguing grunge-esque soundscapes have caught the attention of reputable platforms such as Wonderland and Earmilk. A nostalgic mood sets the tone through his musicianship talents and pure vocal ability as we listen to elements of hip hop, rock and trap emotively infused, meanwhile echoing greats such as XXXTentacion and Nirvana. Paired with Markus Ganter's unique production signature and an addictive driving rhythm, Andreww narrates intimate lyricism; Shadow Love tells the honest story of a toxic love that ‘lies over you like a shadow and loving things that aren’t good for you’.

In addition to Andreww’s artistic skills, his career as a runway model and 10 years of experience in the fashion industry has led him to work with major companies - Louis Vuitton, Dior, Versace, Valentino and many more. The model turned musician's eclectic fashion taste is reflected through his music but also complemented by a whirlpool of visuals as he showcases an innovative and interactive 2-D online video game created by the artist himself. By breaking the fourth wall between artist and listener, Andreww provides an edge and a world of art which we can immerse into, ultimately connecting his fans to his true authentic self. Read more about Andreww below.

Andreww’s interview:

Shadow love is about loving something that isn’t good for you. Have you been in a situation like this and what advice would you give?

I’ve definitely been there. Loads of situations. I used to be very reckless. I guess everyone is different but it took me a long time to figure out that I can be happy without it. Figure out what things are bad for you and get away from them.

We loved taking a glimpse of your world in your self-made online game. Why do you think this game was important for Shadow Love?

Shadow Love is so dark and vibey and I just felt like I had to create a world to go with it. I described it as: imagine a lo-fi grunge guitar riff thrown into a Tim Burton movie where giants fight.

You’re an artist that isn't constrained by boundaries. When it comes to a new wave of music you create, what has influenced you to create outside of the box?

I never saw it as being outside the box. In my mind this is the way you make music. There’s so much music out there so why wouldn’t you pull from as much as possible?

How do you think your background as an international runway and fashion model has influenced your music?

Meeting people from all over the world and traveling the world is an eye opener. Finding out what music they listen to, how they listen to it etc. I love learning things like that!

Are there any projects your listeners should look forward to?

Got three more singles coming and then an album! The spectrum or box of genres is huge and I can’t wait to show everyone!