• Martina Stramaccioni


STAYOUTLATE return to the scene with their new single ‘Lavish’. The four piece Canadian collective demonstrate cool and charisma throughout the alternative hip hop track as they ease into dynamic flow and confident poetic delivery. ‘Lavish’ is accompanied by a music video highlighting fun late nights and care-free moments, keeping listeners lost in a vibe and ultimately leaving us to wonder what the word ‘Lavish’ means to us. With catchy hooks that show off songwriting proficiency and combined skills of production, the group takes ownership of their artistry, keeping ‘hip hop real at its heart’. The hype and engagement surrounding the team shows us they are one to watch with this second single from their project which will be released later this year. For more, read below:


STAYOUTLATE was founded in 2014. What was the inspiration behind this collective and its name?

Scotty IV: I had a song called ‘Stay Out Late’ around that time that was inspired initially by our lifestyle of partying a lot. In pursuing music, the definition changed from just partying to the sentiment of not giving up until the job is done or the goal is reached even if it means staying out late literally and figuratively. We shot a video for that song in 2014 and realized the phrase was so much more powerful by the effect it had on the people who were around us and got around us. Was only right to make that the name. That’s still our MO.

The members of STAYOUTLATE are Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noir and YoungWolf. What would you say you each contribute to STAYOUTLATE?

Tremayne: I’d say I’m the battery. I do a little bit of everything as an artist and behind the scenes. Creatively I think I’m the wild card. You never know what to expect, but most of the time it’s exciting.

Charlie Noiir: I think we all bring dope exciting energies but particularly I think I bring melodies, laughs and a hint of fuckery.

Scotty IV: We all wear a lot of hats but I’m big on creative direction and my bars are on par with your top 10. I have all the counter melodies to Charlies and I’m kind of a nerd so that comes with a lot more than I can really fit.

YoungWolf: I think we each contribute so much in our own different ways honestly. From all of our different tastes in music and how we portray one another as artists. It truly makes the entire group unique when it comes down to the creative process. Even outside of the music we all are really good friends so we are able to take any kind of constructive criticism, with a fully open mind.

Your recent single is titled ‘Lavish’. What does lavish mean to STAYOUTLATE?

Charlie Noiir: Lavish to me is whatever brings a sense of richness to your life. Cars, jewelry, big ass houses for sure. But your talent and the hours you put into your craft - That’s Lavish. The memories made with friends or fam. Basically you decide what has Value in your life. If it holds value to you, that’s Lavish.

Scotty IV: Charlie said it best.

YoungWolf: I will also have to agree with Charlie on that 100%.

Tremayne: Charlie preaching on this one

Can you explain the creative process behind ‘Lavish’?

Tremayne: Lavish as well as the majority of our upcoming project was created during a trip we all took to the Kawarthas. The Kawarthas is a cottage town in Canada. Basically a bunch of beautiful, secluded properties located by a lake. This generation of STAYOUTLATE is fairly new and the trip was meant for us to have a proper bonding experience and just create music free of all our regular life interruptions.

Charlie Noiir: A lot of D’usse, Grey Goose and bud light no cap.

Scotty IV: *Nods Head in agreement*

YoungWolf: Charlie I’m dying, honestly exactly what man’s said. It was a total get away event to really just go into our pockets as artists and see what we could create off of raw energy and emotion. I had actually told the guys I was gonna try and come up with some ideas before the trip .. which I actually never ended up even doing. Which definitely encouraged the creative process even more. Being able to have us all start from scratch.

What do you think STAYOUTLATE brings to the hip-hop scene?

Tremayne: I think we bring honest and relatable character. None of us come off as bigger and better then. I think as we continue to grow in popularity our fans and supporters will continue to be able to feel like they’re watching their best friend make it. That’s rare in hip hop. Most artists want to be idolized.

Charlie Noiir: Manz like Tre said it best I think!

Scotty IV: We’re a one stop shop. Name something you love hip hop for or music or humans in general and it’s very potent somewhere in the squad YoungWolf: Honestly exactly what Tre said, I think I can speak for myself and this collective in terms of. This is a group that simply just wants to do what they love to do. Plain and simple.

The Lavish video includes scenes of STAYOUTLATE members making a toast, on the road, eating lavish food and more - why were these scenes put together?

YoungWolf: To be honest I think some man’s are actually trying to become lowkey movie directors and change paths from the music scene haha. For real though. The ideas came with the title and the song itself. With the process of making it. It felt like it was perfectly laid out.

What should we expect from STAYOUTLATE?

Tremayne: There's a lot on the way to be honest. Our collective project that will be released soon and then our solo projects most before the end of this year. I think we’ll be making a lot of noise and really solidify ourselves as ones to watch.

Charlie Noiir: More music, more content, more STAYOUTLATE!

Scotty IV: So much coming I genuinely feel like what’s not to expect is the question. We're definitely leading with music but with that comes a lot more YoungWolf: I think what you can expect from STAYOUTLATE is a whole lot of unpredictable sounds. We never really like to stick to one single style of how we like to create which makes us stand out. Also when live shows come back you are all in for some real entertainment.