• Charlotte Samady

ur Monarch Stuns With Impressive New Single ‘moulaga’

Listen to 'moulaga' here

Rising alt-pop star ur Monarch returns with an impressive new single, ‘moulaga’. A light-hearted and intriguing track, ‘moulaga’ is driven by its infectious R&B-influenced beat, and hook-laden silky vocals.

Meaning ‘cash money’ in French, ‘moulaga’ explores the belief that, even if her group of friends had a lot of money, they would always stay the same. ur Monarch states, “moulaga is something I, like most people I know, really wish I had more of. The song is about if me and my clique had suddenly become really rich - we would still have done fine somehow, and most likely not gone completely exit-mode...but you never know!"

An exciting follow-up to her debut single, "human garbage disposal plant (scooter)", ur Monarch continues to delight with this refreshingly honest pop offering. The track was recorded “in a bunker in Copenhagen” with Danish producer Malthe Seierup; “we went up from the cold bunker and into the beautiful sunny day in Copenhagen,” she explains, “and life just felt really good. maybe that’s why I love it so much.”

Having just turned 20 and finished high school just outside Bergen, Norway, ur Monarch is ready to introduce her unique blend of pop to the world. ‘moulaga’ is taken from her forthcoming EP ‘pas un blague’, due for release later this year.

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